A collection of DOM utility methods

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A collection of DOM utility methods.

Published on npmjs.com as @akwaba/dom.


  • ancestors(element, selector = "div") - Returns the ancestors of the given element that match the specified selector
  • children(element, selector = "*") - Returns the children of the given element that match the specified selector
  • collect(element, property) - Recursively collects all the element's parent, siblings or child elements that match the specified property
  • cumulativeOffset(element) - Returns the cumulative top and left offsets for this element
  • dimensions(element) - Returns the dimensions of the given element
  • height(element) - Returns the height of the given element
  • matchesSelector(element, selector) - Returns true if the given element matches the specified selector; otherwise, returns false
  • parents(element) - Returns the parents of the given element by recursively collecting each "parentNode" element up to the document element
  • select(expression, scope) - Returns an array of the nodes that match the specified expression from the given scope
  • viewport() - Returns the dimensions and offsets of the current viewport
  • width(element) - Returns the width of the given element

DOM Storage API

  • storage.getStorage(element) - Retrieves the storage entry for the given element
  • storage.store(element, key, value) - Stores a key/value pair of content for the given element
  • storage.retrieve(element, key) - Retrieves the value of the key specified in this element's storage unit


import DOM from '@akwaba/dom';

const dimensions = DOM.dimensions("container");
console.log(dimensions);   // { width: 400, height: 300 }


Copyright (c) 2019 Akwaba Systems, Inc.