A lightweight client library for interacting with the Automatic Responder API

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import alResponder from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@al/responder';



A lightweight client library for interacting with the Responder API.

This library uses @al/responder as its HTTP provider interface. you can handle actions task and the workflow.


Until the release of version 1.0.0 all current minor version increments may be backwards incompatible. Please bear this in mind when developing against this library. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us as npm@alertlogic.com


  npm install @al/responder --save


  var ResponderClient = require('@al/responder').ResponderClient; //commonjs - e.g. node
  import { ResponderClient } from '@al/responder'; //ES2015 - e.g. Angular, TS projects



  npm test


The sources are written in Typescript and follow the tslint airbnb style.


To generate a build

npm run build

Builds will be be generated into a dist folder and will contain commonjs and umd bundles that will be consumed depending on the module system in whichever environment you are using.