React component for inputing currency amounts

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  import alaneuReactCurrencyInput from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@alaneu/react-currency-input';



An ES2015 react component for currency. Supports custom decimal and thousand separators as well as precision.

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  • Deprecated "onChange" option in favor of "onChangeEvent". This fixes the argument order to better match React's default input handling
  • Updated dependencies to React 15
  • Added parseFloat polyfill
  • Persist events to deal with an issue of event pooling
  • Other bug fixes.


npm install react-currency-input --save


You can store the value passed in to the change handler in your state.

import React from 'react'
import CurrencyInput from 'react-currency-input';

const MyApp = React.createClass({
        return ({amount: "0.00"});

    handleChange(event, maskedvalue, floatvalue){
        this.setState({amount: maskedvalue});
    render() {
        return (
                <CurrencyInput value={this.state.amount} onChangeEvent={this.handleChange}/>
export default MyApp

You can also assign a reference then access the value using a call to getMaskedValue().

import React from 'react'
import CurrencyInput from 'react-currency-input';

const MyApp = React.createClass({
    render() {
        return (
            <form onSubmit={this.handleSubmit}>
                <CurrencyInput ref="myinput" />
export default MyApp

Separators and Precision

Specify custom decimal and thousand separators:

    // 1.234.567,89
    <CurrencyInput decimalSeparator="," thousandSeparator="." />

Specify a specific precision:

    // 123,456.789
    <CurrencyInput precision="3" />
    // 123,456,789
    <CurrencyInput precision="0" />


Optionally set a currency symbol as a prefix or suffix

    // $1,234,567.89
    <CurrencyInput prefix="quot; />
    // 1,234,567.89 kr
    <CurrencyInput suffix=" kr" />

Negative signs come before the prefix

    // -$20.00
    <CurrencyInput prefix="quot; value="-20.00" />

All other attributes are applied to the input element. For example, you can integrate bootstrap styling:

    <CurrencyInput className="form-control" />


Option Default Value Description
value 0 The initial currency value
onChange n/a Callback function to handle value changes. Deprecated, use onChangeEvent.
onChangeEvent n/a Callback function to handle value changes
precision 2 Number of digits after the decimal separator
decimalSeparator '.' The decimal separator
thousandSeparator ',' The thousand separator
inputType "text" Input field tag type. You may want to use number or tel*
allowNegative false Allows negative numbers in the input
allowEmpty false If no value is given, defines if it starts as null (true) or '' (false)
selectAllOnFocus false Selects all text on focus or does not
prefix '' Currency prefix
suffix '' Currency suffix
autoFocus false Autofocus

*Note: Enabling any mask-related features such as prefix, suffix or separators with an inputType="number" or "tel" could trigger errors. Most of those characters would be invalid in such input types.