My eslint config.

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<script type="module">
  import alanscodelogEslintConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@alanscodelog/eslint-config';


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My preferred base eslint configs along with an "install" script for quickly setting up the configs to extend from this one.


Note: The last command is the install script and will overwrite .eslintrc if it exists.

Without vue (just js + typescript):

yarn add -D \
@alanscodelog/eslint-config \
eslint \
typescript \
@typescript-eslint/parser \
@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin \
eslint-import-resolver-typescript \
eslint-plugin-simple-import-sort \
eslint-plugin-import \
eslint-plugin-jsdoc \
&& ./node_modules/@alanscodelog/eslint-config/install.sh \

With vue:

```bash yarn add -D \ @alanscodelog/eslint-config \ eslint \ typescript \ @typescript-eslint/parser \ @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin \ eslint-import-resolver-typescript \ eslint-plugin-simple-import-sort \ eslint-plugin-import \ eslint-plugin-jsdoc \ eslint-plugin-vue \ @vue/eslint-config-typescript \ && ./node_modules/@alanscodelog/eslint-config/install.sh \ ```

Just js (untested):

```bash yarn add -D \ @alanscodelog/eslint-config \ eslint \ eslint-plugin-simple-import-sort \ eslint-plugin-import \ eslint-plugin-jsdoc \ && ./node_modules/@alanscodelog/eslint-config/install.sh \ ```

Manual Setup

cp ./node_modules/@alanscodelog/eslint-config/copy/root.eslintrc.js ./.eslintrc.js
cp ./node_modules/@alanscodelog/eslint-config/copy/tests.eslintrc.js ./tests/.eslintrc.js

or copy this to .eslintrc.js. and this to a .eslintrc.js in your tests directory.

Search for // TOCONFIGURE comments to find the places .eslintrc.js should be manually configured before using.

grep "// TOCONFIGURE" .eslintrc.js tests/.eslintrc.js -H -n - A1 --color

Add linting script to package.json:

    // bin only if it has scripts, not for "dist" folder of cli
    // double quotes escaped to avoid shell expanding globs which causes problems
    // *.{js,ts} so configs at root will be linted
    "lint:eslint":"npx eslint \"{src,bin,tests}/**/*.{js,ts}\" \"*.{js,ts}\" --max-warnings=0 --report-unused-disable-directives"
    // additionally, other directories should be ignored properly in the eslintrc so that vscode won't try to lint the files when opening them (except node_modules, that already seems to be ignored)


There's 4 configs (technically 5): base, js, typescript, vue, and test.

Each sets it's rules in an overrides with the correct file glob.

And each (except test and base) extends from the previous (e.g. js = base + js, typescript = js (which includes base) + typescript and so on).

Test is just a config that disables rules and does not extend from the other configs but since it's meant to be in the tests directory and has root: false it technically does.

The base config also does some magic to try and read tsconfig (where eslint is run) path aliases* and add them to the correct "simple-import-sort/imports" group (otherwise they are grouped with external dependencies), but should otherwise fail silently if it can't find a tsconfig. The only time it will error is if you try to do something like run eslint when there is a tsconfig but typescript is not installed.

* It only adds them to the aliased paths group if they are not node_modules imports, this is done by seeing if the first path listed does not start with "node_modules". So very basic. Additionally aliases are converted by just stripping the key of everything after /*, including that / (to allow imports like just "@utils").


All rules are set to warn since I don't like the editor bleeding red. I pass --max-warnings=0 to eslint when needed instead.