Use the fetch API to run requests, implementing retries

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  import ambassifyFetchRetried from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ambassify/fetch-retried';



Use the fetch API to run requests, implementing retries


npm install --save @ambassify/fetch-retried


You can use the fetch api as per usual. The only thing different is the source of your fetch method. Here you use fetchRetried to create a fetch method that will use your desired config.

const fetchRetried = require('@ambassify/fetch-retried');
const fetch = fetchRetried({ delay: 100 });

    .then(resp => resp.json())
    .then(json => console.log(json));


All options are optional and have default values.

  • delay: When using the default exponential backoff, the delay used to calculate the timeout. Otherwise a method that calculated the timeout used. (default: 200)
  • retries: The number of times to retry a request. (default: 5)
  • isOK: A method that determines whether a request succeeded by returning true or false when passed a response. (default: (resp) => resp.ok)
  • shouldRetryError: When fetch throws an error this method determines whether the request is retried by returning true or false (default: () => true)
  • retryMethods: Which HTTP verbs to retry (default: ['PUT', 'DELETE', 'GET', 'HEAD', 'PATCH', 'OPTIONS'])
  • fetch: The underlying fetch implementation to use. (default: require('node-fetch'))

Backoff strategies

Strategies are attached to the default import of this package and can be accessed using.

const fetchRetried = require('@ambassify/fetch-retried');

// OR

// Usage:
const fetch = fetchRetried({
    delay: fetchRetried.exponential(10)
// OR
const fetch = fetchRetried({
    delay: fetchRetried.binaryExponential()


function exponential(delay) {
    return (attempts) => (attempts * attempts) * delay;


function binaryExponential(delay = 1) {
    return (attempts) => (Math.pow(2, attempts) - 1) * delay;


We really appreciate any contribution you would like to make, so don't hesitate to report issues or submit pull requests.


This project is released under a MIT license.

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