Non-tiled map layers

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  import amsterdamArmNontiled from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@amsterdam/arm-nontiled';


Amsterdam React Maps

A repo with components / utilities to be used in projects published by Amsterdam. It also contains an "stories" directory where we put so-called "recipes" that developers at Amsterdam can basically copy/paste in their own projects

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This is the link to the demo site with examples


Currently we have a few applications that use leaflet with own developed components. The problem with this approach is that it's unable to share certain components / logic. Because we know we cannot create a one-size-fits-all leaflet application, we decided to create this repo that serves two responsibilities:

  1. Inspecting examples of implementations, so these can simply be copied to the user's project
  2. Providing compound-components / utilities / configurations for amsterdam-specific projects, so these can be maintained on one place: this repo.


This project is a monorepo with 3 packages

  • arm-core - core things like Map, BaseLayer, ViewVontainer, Zoom, GeoJSONLayer, Marker, getCrsRd, etc.
  • arm-cluster - exports MarkerClusterGroup (using leaflet.markercluster)
  • arm-nontiled - exports NonTiledLayer


  • npm install --save @amsterdam/arm-core
  • npm install --save @amsterdam/arm-cluster
  • npm install --save @amsterdam/arm-nontiled