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i18next-pseudo is a plugin for i18next that returns translated strings in Pseudolocalization format.



Pseudolocalization (or pseudo-localization) is a software testing method used for testing internationalization aspects of software. Instead of translating the text of the software into a foreign language, as in the process of localization, the textual elements of an application are replaced with an altered version of the original language.

About => ḀḀḀḅṓṓṓṵṵṵṭ

English in general is much shorter than other languages. This plugin will allow developers to design and develop without focusing on the length of an given word. Issues that arise during multilingual testing will be easily found at the time of development.

Getting Started

$ npm install --save i18next-pseudo


In your configuration for i18next, instantiate it as a new class and set the postProcess to pseudo in the init block.

import i18n from 'i18next';
import { reactI18nextModule } from 'react-i18next';
import Pseudo from 'i18next-pseudo';

  .use(new Pseudo())
    postProcess: ['pseudo'],

export default i18n;


All configurations are optional.

option default type description
languageToPseudo en string The locale that you would like to run through pseudolocalization
repeatedLetters ['a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u', 'y', 'A', 'E', 'I', 'O', 'U', 'Y'] array of strings The letters that will be repeated in a given string
letterMultiplier 2 number The amount of times you would like your repeatedLetter array to be multiplied
letters { a: 'α', b: 'ḅ', c: 'ͼ', d: 'ḍ', e: 'ḛ', f: 'ϝ', g: 'ḡ', h: 'ḥ', i: 'ḭ', j: 'ĵ', : ḳ, l: 'ḽ', m: 'ṃ', n: 'ṇ', o: 'ṓ', p: 'ṗ', q: 'ʠ', r: 'ṛ', s: 'ṡ', t: 'ṭ', u: 'ṵ', v: 'ṽ', w: 'ẁ', x: 'ẋ', y: 'ẏ', z: 'ẓ', A: 'Ḁ', B: 'Ḃ', C: 'Ḉ', D: 'Ḍ', E: 'Ḛ', F: 'Ḟ', G: 'Ḡ', H: 'Ḥ', I: 'Ḭ', : 'Ĵ', K: 'Ḱ', L: 'Ḻ', M: 'Ṁ', N: 'Ṅ', O: 'Ṏ', P: 'Ṕ', Q: 'Ǫ', R: 'Ṛ', S: 'Ṣ', T: 'Ṫ', U: 'Ṳ', V: W: 'Ŵ', X: 'Ẋ', Y: 'Ŷ', Z: 'Ż',} object The letters in a string that will be replaced during pseudolocalization
wrapped false boolean Should all strings be wrapped in to square brackets
enabled true boolean Should pseudolocalization be ran (useful for environment variables)
  .use(new Pseudo({
    enabled: true,
    languageToPseudo: 'es-US',
    letterMultiplier: 4,
    repeatedLetters: ['B', 'o', 'a', 't']
    postProcess: ['pseudo'],