A lite js library for insights retrieval.

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  import antvLiteInsight from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@antv/lite-insight';


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An EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) tool in javascript that allows you to take insights from the data.

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✨ Features

  • Auto-Insights: Automatically detect and highlight the insights to facilitate pattern discovery about the data.
  • Visualization & Annotation: Clearly represent and convey insights to non-expert users.
  • Homogeneous Data Patterns: Extract the relations between different patterns.

The pipeline of Auto-Insights:

LiteInsight pipeline

📦 Installation

$ npm install @antv/lite-insight

🔨 Getting Started

import { getDataInsights } from '@antv/lite-insight';

getDataInsights(data, {
  limit: 30,
  measures: [
    { field: 'life_expect', method: 'MEAN' },
    { field: 'pop', method: 'SUM' },
    { field: 'fertility', method: 'MEAN' },

📖 Documentation

For more usages, please check the API Reference


Some functionalities of LiteInsight are inspired by the following works.

📄 License