Node.js module to expose Apolitical's common helper functions

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  import apoliticalCommonHelpers from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@apolitical/common-helpers';


Common Helpers

Node.js module to expose Apolitical's common helper functions

How do I get set up?


Requires the following to run:

Initial setup

Clone repository:

git clone git@gitlab.com:apolitical/modules/common-helpers.git

Install dependencies:

yarn install

Run tests:

yarn test

Linking with yalc

This creates a symbolic link (symlink) that allows you to use your changes locally in other repos, rather than having to publish to npm to test

Yalc documentation

  1. Run yarn global add yalc - this is a global install on your computer
  2. In common-helpers, run yalc publish
  3. In the repo you want to link to, run yalc link @apolitical/common-helpers
  4. Each time you make a change in Common Helpers, you can run yalc push in common-helpers repo and these changes should reflect in the linked repo. If changes do not show up, try yalc publish --push
  5. Add .yalc/ and yalc.lock to your .gitignore file if it is not already there. This is just for local development, we don't want to commit yalc files.

If you are not seeing your changes come through in the repo you want to link, try running yalc add @apolitical/common-helpers. Note, this will change the package.json file to point at the yalc version of this package and you'll have to undo this before committing.

** Note **

When you're done, you can run a regular yarn install @apolitical/common-helpers in the linked repo to overwrite the yalc version, or run yalc remove @apolitical/common-helpers in the linked repo.

Double check that the package in your linked repo's package.json is pointing to @apolitical/common-helpers. yalc link should not touch the package.json, but it's wise to double check.

Some information about imageResizing helper function

  • This function takes two argument: filepath, desiredSize. The desiredSize value must be one of the following: 310x495, 240x366, 456x320, 60x60, 100x100, 310x155, 200x150, 425x425, 310x350, 650x280, 310x220.