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Zapp React Native Bridge

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This package contains the interface for the Zapp App's native Module.

Available Modules


sendQuickBrickEvent(eventName<String>, payload<Object?>)


Sends an event from JS to the QuickBrick Communication Module.

Available events :

  • quickBrickReady: no payload required. This event tells the native side that the quick brick app is ready to be presented. This event must be fired, otherwise the React Native view will not appear in the app
import React from "react";
import { AppRegistry } from "react-native";
import { sendQuickBrickEvent } from "@applicaster/zapp-react-native-bridge/QuickBrick";

import { appLoader } from "...";

class App extends React.Component {
  componentDidMount() {
    appLoader().then(() => sendQuickBrickEvent("quickBrickReady"));

  render() {
    return (
          This app will show when the appLoader resolves, but not before

getAppData(): Object


This function will return the app data constants defined on the native side. Since this is exported as Native Module constants, their access is synchronous, and don't require to use a promise or async / await

import { getAppData } from "@applicaster/zapp-react-native-bridge/QuickBrick";

const appData = getAppData();
// appData = { bundleIdentifier: ..., accountId: ..., ...};


bootstrapZappPipes(providers: Array<ProviderModules>): ZappPipesAdapter


Bootstraps the ZappPipes adapter with the app's plugin, and returns an object which can used to perform zapp pipes requests

// this is an illustration of the required input - in the app, the list of providers should come from the app's plugin configuration
import applicasterProvider from "@applicaster/zapp-pipes-provider-applicaster";
import generalProvider from "@applicaster/zapp-pipes-provider-general";

const providers = [applicasterProvider, generalProvider];

const zappPipesAdapter = bootstrapZappPipes(providers);
  ({ code, response, url }) => {
    // handle response


In order to add a module here, simply add a folder with your native module, and document here your module and its methods

To access your module, import it with the path to your module's folder

import { MyAwesomeModuleFunction } from "@applicaster/zapp-react-native-bridge/MyAwesomeModule";