utils shared across mutlipe forge js libs, works in both node.js and browser

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  import arcblockForgeUtil from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@arcblock/forge-util';



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Utility functions to ease crypto/encoding related tasks, some methods are migrated from web3-utils


yarn add @arcblock/forge-util
# OR
npm i @arcblock/forge-util -S
const Util = require('@arcblock/forge-util');

console.log(Util.fromTokenToUnit(100)); // 100_0000_0000_0000_0000
console.log(Util.fromUnitToToken('1000000000000000000')); // 100
console.log(Util.isStrictHex('0x123abc')); // true

API List

Following are the most used methods in @arcblock/forge-util:

  • toHex: convert any value to hex encoded string
  • fromUnitToToken: convert human readable token presentation to big number
  • fromTokenToUnit: convert big number to human readable token representation
  • toUint8Array: convert any value to Uint8Array
  • toBuffer: convert any value to buffer
  • toBase58: convert any value to base58 format
  • fromBase58: convert base58 format to buffer
  • toBase64: convert any value to base64 url encoded string
  • fromBase64: convert base64 url encoded string to buffer
  • UUID: generate a random UUID
  • isUUID: check if a string is valid UUID
  • toDid: prepend an did with did:abt: prefix
  • toAddress: remove did:abt: prefix

Checkout lib/index.d.ts for more API. Checkout tests/index.spec.js for more usage examples.


For full documentation, checkout https://forge-js.netlify.com