Public command line tools to use together with OCAP

Usage no npm install needed!

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Command line tools to ease development for ArcBlock Developers


npm install -g @arcblock/ocap-cli


Available Commands

❯ ocap
Usage: ocap [options] [command]

  -V, --version                             output the version number
  -h, --help                                output usage information

  dapp:create                               Bootstrap a new DAPP that have OCAP service SDK integrated
  dapp:start                                Start an DApp bootstrapped with `ocap dapp:create`
  dapp:build                                Build an DApp bootstrapped with `ocap dapp:create`
  eth:debugWallet                           Print wallet info detail such as type, address, privateKey, publicKey
  eth:genWallet                             Generate an ethereum wallet (public/private key pair, keystore, HD Wallet)
  eth:signPersonal [message]                Sign message with an ethereum wallet key to get a MetaMask compatible signature
  eth:verifyPersonal [message] [signature]  Verify a signature produced from eth:signPersonal
  hd:exportXKeys                            Export extended keys from hd wallet mnemonic

Bootstrap an DAPP

Used when bootstrap an DApp with our starter projects: ocap-react-starter, ocap-vue-starter

ocap dapp:create

Then you can start the DApp with:

ocap dapp:start

Sign personal message

Used when verify wallet address in OCAP Developer Console

ocap eth:signPersonal 'hello ocap'

Debug wallet info

ocap eth:debugWallet