JavaScript client for Conduit

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  import archetypicalConduit from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@archetypical/conduit';


Conduit Client

Conduit client is a javascript client designed to easily integrate with a Conduit server implementation. The Conduit client is intended to be used with a server Conduit implemented in .net core. Please see the full documentation here.


Install globally via npm:

npm install -g @archetypical/conduit

Or globally via yarn:

yarn global add @archetypical/conduit


Once you have established your server side Conduit you can connect to it with a new Conduit client. If you have used the signalr client before, you will recognize a lot of the same methods.


You are able to instantiate a conduit client with the default options:

const conduit = new Conduit();

Or you can provide configuration settings used to change the underlying reconnect behavior.

const conduit = new Conduit({
    logLevel: LogLevel.Error,
    retryInterval: 3000,
    maxConnectionAttempts: 5

For more information on these options, please refer to AutoHubConnection.


applyFilter(filterName: string, filter: object): Promise<void>

Call applyFilter to provide the server conduit additional data points to more accurately send data to the client.

filterName is expected to be the name of the class used in the server conduit to define filterable data for your users.

filter is the actual filter data to be used by the server conduit to filter calls.


start(): Promise<void>

start initiates a connection with the server Conduit.


on<T>(payloadName: string, callback: (data: T) => void): Promise<void>

on adds a callback handler for when a specific payload type is provided.

payloadName is type name of the object pushed by the server Conduit.

callback is the method called whenever a payload of that type is pushed.


off<T>(payloadName: string, callback?: (data: T) => void): void

off removes a handler or all handlers for a specific payload type.

payloadName is the type name of the object pushed by the server Conduit.

callback is the method you want removed whenever a payload of that type is pushed.


import { Conduit } from '@archetypical/conduit'

// Create a new client
const conduit = new Conduit();

// Initiate the connection
await conduit.start();

// Define a callback handler for PageStats
await conduit.on('PageStats', updatePageStats);

// Tell the server you only want updates for specific pages
await conduit.applyFilter('UserFilterData', {
    RecentPages: ['Home', 'About', 'Kittens']