ares CLI

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  import aresDevCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ares-dev/cli';



ares command line utilities library.



npm install -g @ares-dev/cli


Initialize Project

Projects of following types can be generated:

  • client-javascript
  • client-javascript-react
  • client-typescript-react
  • server-javascript
  • server-typescript
# Create project directory.
mkdir -p ~/hello-world
cd ~/hello-world

# Generate & initialize project 'hello-world' with default template 'client-javascript'.
ares project init

# Generate & initialize project 'hello-world' with specified template.
ares project init -t <template>

# Generate & initialize project 'wallet' with template 'client-typescript-react'.
ares project init -t client-typescript-react wallet

Initialize Deployment

ares CLI generates terraform deployment descriptors based on project traits and command line options.

# Initialize deployment of stage "alpha".
# 'prefix' is prepended to generated aws resource names.
# 'dn' should be a managed domain, e.g. in aws route53. It is used
#    to generate staging domains (i.e. project.stage.domain.tld), ssl certificates etc.
# 'stage' User-defined identifier for staging, preferably enumerable,
#    e.g. "alpha", "beta" etc. "live" is reserved for production deployments.
ares deployment init --cloud aws --region eu-central-1 --prefix tld-domain --dn domain.tld --stage alpha