CLI to scaffold components, routes and some other React JS stuff.

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  import arquetipo28ReactCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@arquetipo28/react-cli';



react-cli is a nodejs CLI which provide an easy way to generate React stuff, using standarized design patterns as container-component

  • Is based on JavasScript
  • Allow container component generation

Installation and Usage

react-cli requires the Latest NodeJS

$ npm install @arquetipo28/react-cli

As default it uses a container-component design pattern


As default these commands will use the following structure to generate components

|__ components/
|_____ NavBarComponent.js
|__ containers/
|_____ NavBarContainer.js

Container - Component

You can generate a new component using this design patter with the following command

$ react-cli <action> <element-type> --name <ComponentName> 

Notes that name has to be provided in PascalCasing like User or NavBar, or spliting component wors with dashes or underscores it automatically will be sufixed with Container and Component respectively

Wrapped components

You can also wrap your components to allow you to isolate your component styles or library files from the rest of the application


|__ components/
|_____ NavBar/
|________ NavBarComponent.js
|__ containers/
|_____ NavBar/
|________ NavBarContainer.js


Generating component with container-component design pattern.

Using pascal casing.

$ react-cli g component --name ModalBox  # Using pascal casing.
$ react-cli g component --name modal-box # Using dashes
$ react-cli g component --name modal_box # Using underscores

Using wrapped components

$ react-cli g component --name ModalBox --wrapped
$ react-cli g component --name ModalBox -w