A tiny app that serves the apple-app-site-association required for iOS Handoff related features.

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<script type="module">
  import artsyEigenWebAssociation from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@artsy/eigen-web-association';



This tiny app does nothing but serve the apple-app-site-association file, needed for iOS Handoff/Universal Links/Shared Web Credentials to work, in the required way.

For more information see:

Serving config file

This app is meant to be used inside other apps. As such, the file serving is mounted at /, which means that the apps using this app should mount it at /apple-app-site-association.

Once mounted, you should be able to verify it’s correctness here.

Changing config file

When making changes, you should do so in the apple-app-site-association.json file.

After config changes are merged

After changes to the apple-app-site-association.json file have been merged, you'll need to update the three places that depend on it which include force, artsy-wwwify, and Sailthru. To update the package in force and artsy-wwwify run the command yarn add git://github.com/artsy/artsy-eigen-web-association.git in those repositories and check that in. See This PR as an example


Apple caches the apple-app-site-association file on app install. If you're having trouble clearing the apple-app-site-association file cache on your device, try updating the app or turn Universal Linking off (and on again). While it's not known how often the cache is updated, it does appear to periodically between installs and updates. More details about how Apple caches this file can be found on this Stack Overflow answer.