The design tokens for Artsy's palette

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  import artsyPaletteTokens from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@artsy/palette-tokens';



The design tokens that power Artsy's Palette.

:warning: This package isn't intended to be consumed directly, but rather included as a transitive dependency of palette. :warning:


In the main theme file for a Palette implementation:

import tokens from "@artsy/palette-tokens"
import { fontFamily } from "./platform/fonts"

 * This is required only in consuming versions of palette to keep
 * the existing api the same. If you're using the tokens as a standalone
 * you may not necessarily need to include this export statement.
export * from "@artsy/palette-tokens";

 * Any platform specific tokens can be included in the final `themeConfig` as
 * shown.
export const themeConfig = {


MIT License. See LICENSE.

About Artsy

This project is the work of engineers at Artsy, the world's leading and largest online art marketplace and platform for discovering art. One of our core Engineering Principles is being Open Source by Default which means we strive to share as many details of our work as possible.

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