Atlassian Server Browserslist Shared Config

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  import atlassianBrowserslistConfigServer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@atlassian/browserslist-config-server';


Atlassian Server Browserslist Configuration

This configuration reflects the supported browsers across Atlassian's Server products: Bamboo, Bitbucket, Confluence, Crowd, FECRU, and the Jira family.


FeCru 4.8 currently supports Edge18, use version 0.2.5 or earlier

Similarly, if targeting product versions - especially Long Term Support (LTS) Releases - check the supported browsers for each by checking the references. Edge 18, and potentially, IE11 may need to be supported.


First add as a dev dependency with either npm install -D @atlassian/browserslist-config-server or yarn add -D @atlassian/browserslist-config-server

Then use the browserslist configuration within the project. The recommended way is to copy the below into the package.json file.

  "browserslist": ["extends @atlassian/browserslist-config-server"]

This is desktop and mobile for all products.

Desktop only

Use "browserslist": ["extends @atlassian/browserslist-config-server/desktop"]


Supports older browsers deliberately for test builds. Intended for use with atlassian-selenium.

Use multiple browserslists for each different environment, e.g:

"browserslist": [
  "testing": ["extends @atlassian/browserslist-config-server/testing"]

If you have already upgraded to Selenium 3.x, you don't need this.


Use "browserslist": ["extends @atlassian/browserslist-config-server/mobile"]