The AuthX proxy for clients is a flexible HTTP proxy designed to sit in front of a client and manage the entire OAuth flow.

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This is AuthX. It's named AuthX because it's an "exchange" of sorts, consolidating identities from several upstream authorities into a single identity for downstream clients. AuthX uses the OAuth2 framework in both directions, and adds a robust access control system, based on the AuthX scope spec.

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Please see CONTRIBUTING.md.


This is a monorepo that contains several useful node packages:


The AuthX package contains the core application and API manages users, credentials, roles, clients, authorities, grants, and tokens.

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HTTP Proxy - Client

This package includes an HTTP proxy which can be used by a client in a trusted context (such as a private network) to inject credentials into a request. This eases incremental adoption of AuthX, allowing clients to remain unaware of the authorization layer.

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HTTP Proxy - Resource

This package includes an HTTP proxy which can be put in front of a resource. It verifies and caches access tokens, manages public keys, and injects verified scopes directly into the proxied request.

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HTTP Proxy - Web

This package includes an HTTP proxy which can be put in front of a web client. It takes on the responsibility of managing OAuth flows, and can inject credentials into the proxied requests to resources.

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The AuthX Interface is a reference user interface that provides the visual components necessary for a user to authenticate herself and authorize a client to access resources on her behalf.

The small, react-powered app features a pluggable architecture that can be used to support additional authorization strategies.

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This package contains a small collection of utility functions for AuthX scopes. These scopes are human-readable, fully OAuth2-compatible, and support both pattern matching and set algebra.

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Strategy - Email

This package contains the email authentication strategy.

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Strategy - OpenID

This package contains the OpenID authentication strategy.

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Strategy - Password

This package contains the password authentication strategy.

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This package contains a CLI and small collection of utility functions for interacting with an AuthX instance.

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