AutoMapper TypeScript Core

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  import automapperCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@automapper/core';



This is the core package that will handle mapping configurations and mapping operations.


npm i @automapper/core

or with yarn

yarn add @automapper/core


@automapper/core depends on @automapper/types

npm i --save-dev @automapper/types

or with yarn

yarn add --dev @automapper/types


@automapper/core exposes createMapper() method to create a Mapper object with a accompany MapPlugin (read more about Plugins)

createMapper accepts a CreateMapperOptions object with the following shape:

export interface CreateMapperOptions<TKey = unknown> {
  name: string;
  namingConventions?: {
    source: NamingConvention;
    destination: NamingConvention;
  pluginInitializer: MapPluginInitializer<TKey>;
  errorHandler?: ErrorHandler;

TKey is an optional type to determine what type of MetaKey that the plugin is providing. For example: classes plugin uses Constructible while pojos plugin uses string as MetaKey

Read more about usage on documentation site


Different from previous version @nartc/automapper, @automapper/core uses plugin-based approach. Core only concerns with providing the consumers with MemberMap methods to configure the transformation as well as the map() /mapArray() methods on the Mapper object to execute the mapping operations.

Metadata Storing mechanism and how to initialize a Mapping will be the plugins' responsibility. Core also provides some utilities functions for plugins to use for initializing mappings etc...

@automapper provides two official plugins:

  • @automapper/classes: Work with TS/ES6 classes. This is exactly how the previous @nartc/automapper works, but a bit lighter.
  • @automapper/pojos: Work with Interfaces/Types along with POJOs. In projects that do not make use of Class, pojos can be used instead.

Read more about plugins on documentation site