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Calypso Analytics.

Currently this package supports calls to Tracks only.

Automatticians may refer to internal documentation for more information about Tracks.


Note: In most situations it is best to use the Analytics Middleware, which has no direct browser dependencies and therefore will not complicate any unit testing of the modules where it is used.

recordTracksEvent( name, properties )

import { recordTracksEvent } from '@automattic/calypso-analytics';

recordTracksEvent( 'calypso_signup_step_start', { step: 'a_nice_step' } );

Note: Unless you have a strong reason to call recordTracksEvent directly, you should use the Analytics Middleware instead:

import { recordTracksEvent } from 'state/analytics/actions';

dispatch( recordTracksEvent( 'calypso_checkout_coupon_apply', { coupon_code: 'abc123' } ) );

Record an event with optional properties:

import { initializeAnalytics, recordTracksEvent } from '@automattic/calypso-analytics';

// first the module should be initialized with extra metadata by caling initialize once from app boot or other middleware
// ... client/boot/common.js
initializeAnalytics( currentUser, superProps );

//in your component
recordTracksEvent( 'calypso_do_thing', { extra: 'info' } );


recordTracksEvent( name, properties ) deprecates the following call to the analytics lib method:

import { recordTracksEvent } from 'lib/analytics/tracks';

recordTracksEvent( name, properties );

Naming Conventions

To be recorded, event names originating from Calypso must be prefixed by calypso_, and each token in the event and property names must be separated by an underscore (_).

Note: Events not prefixed by calypso_, with words not separated by underscore (e.g. by spaces or dashes), or written in camel case, will be discarded.

In order to keep similar events grouped together when sorted in an alphabetized list (as is typical with analytics tools), put the verb at the end of the event name:

  • calypso_cart_product_add
  • calypso_cart_product_remove

If we had instead used calypso_add_cart_product and calypso_remove_cart_product, then they'd likely be separated in a list of all the event names.

Finally, for consistency, the verb at the end should be in a non-conjugated form like add, remove, view, or click, and not adds, added, or adding.

With the exception of separating tokens with underscores, these rules do not apply to property names. coupon_code is perfectly fine.