Automattic Components

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<script type="module">
  import automatticComponents from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@automattic/components';



A library of React components designed for use in Automattic products.


Install the components and the color schemes they depend on.

yarn add @automattic/components @automattic/calypso-color-schemes


// import the color variables - you only need to do this once in your entire application
import '@automattic/calypso-color-schemes';

// import the component you wish to use
import { Button } from '@automattic/components';

const CallToAction = () => (
        <Button primary onClick={ () => alert( 'Thank you for taking action!' ) }>
            Take action now!

Development Workflow

This package is developed as part of the Calypso monorepo. Run yarn in the root of the repository to get the required devDependencies.


yarn run test-packages

yarn run test-packages:watch

Using Storybook

yarn run components:storybook:start