Node package helpers for the VIP Go platform

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  import automatticVipGo from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@automattic/vip-go';


VIP Go Node Helpers

This package provides modules to help run Node.js applications on VIP Go.


npm install --save @automattic/vip-go


The following is a list of modules included in this package:

  • server: a server that wraps your request handler or express app behind an easy to use interface
  • logger: a ready to use logger for your node applications with Kibana integration out of the box
  • newrelic: New Relic integration for applications on VIP Go
  • redis: a helper library to instantiate a Redis client compatible with VIP Go


const { server, logger, newrelic, redis } = require( '@automattic/vip-go' );

Please refer the documentation for each module (server | logger | newrelic) | redis) to learn more about how to use it.

New Relic is no longer a peer dependency of this module. Please remember to install New Relic separately if your app requires it.


Using hooks

For development, we have some hooks running before each commit/push. To use them, execute the following command inside the repo after cloning it:

git config core.hooksPath hooks

Running tests

To run tests locally, make sure the Docker container is up and running:

docker-compose up