Know if your Node application is ready for VIP Go

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  import automatticVipGoPreflightChecks from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@automattic/vip-go-preflight-checks';


VIP - Preflight Checks for Node Apps

This package runs preflight checks on your Node application to make sure it's ready for VIP.


In the root of your repo, run:

npx @automattic/vip-go-preflight-checks


1. npm scripts

This step checks that your package.json has these commands configured and can build and start your application correctly.

On VIP, every time you push a new change to your application, we git pull the latest code and then run the following commands:

  • npm install --production;
  • npm run build; and
  • npm start.

If any of these commands are missing or fail, the application may not work correctly.

Note: Some packages like create-react-app use npm start to start a dev server and npm serve to start a production server. You'll get a warning if we detect a serve script in your package.json.

2. @automattic/vip-go package usage

This step checks that the @automattic/vip-go package is used in your production dependencies.

Our helper package (@automattic/vip-go) simplifies some of the boilerplate (e.g. the server helper automatically handles the route used internally for health checks) and makes it easier to integrate with platform features like logging.

3. Checking PORT and /cache-healthcheck? route

This step verifies that your application boots up correctly and responds to the appropriate HTTP requests.

On VIP, the port used by your application is dynamic and shouldn't be hardcoded. We pass it in via an environment variable called PORT. This step install dependencies, build your app, and starts on a random PORT. It also checks the /cache-healthcheck? route we use internally for health checking, and verifies that it responds with a 200 HTTP status code.

If you're using the @automattic/vip-go this is added automatically for you.