The CDK Construct Library for AWS::ACMPCA

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  import awsCdkAwsAcmpca from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aws-cdk/aws-acmpca';


AWS::ACMPCA Construct Library

cfn-resources: Stable

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This module is part of the AWS Cloud Development Kit project.

import * as acmpca from '@aws-cdk/aws-acmpca';

Certificate Authority

This package contains a CertificateAuthority class. At the moment, you cannot create new Authorities using it, but you can import existing ones using the fromCertificateAuthorityArn static method:

const certificateAuthority = acmpca.CertificateAuthority.fromCertificateAuthorityArn(this, 'CA',

Low-level Cfn* classes

You can always use the low-level classes (starting with Cfn*) to create resources like the Certificate Authority:

const cfnCertificateAuthority = new acmpca.CfnCertificateAuthority(this, 'CA', {
  type: 'ROOT',
  keyAlgorithm: 'RSA_2048',
  signingAlgorithm: 'SHA256WITHRSA',
  subject: {
    country: 'US',
    organization: 'string',
    organizationalUnit: 'string',
    distinguishedNameQualifier: 'string',
    state: 'string',
    commonName: '123',
    serialNumber: 'string',
    locality: 'string',
    title: 'string',
    surname: 'string',
    givenName: 'string',
    initials: 'DG',
    pseudonym: 'string',
    generationQualifier: 'DBG',

If you need to pass the higher-level ICertificateAuthority somewhere, you can get it from the lower-level CfnCertificateAuthority using the same fromCertificateAuthorityArn method:

declare const cfnCertificateAuthority: acmpca.CfnCertificateAuthority;

const certificateAuthority = acmpca.CertificateAuthority.fromCertificateAuthorityArn(this, 'CertificateAuthority',