ractivejs component for editing dynamodb style json object

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import awspilotRactiveDynamodbJsonEditor from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@awspilot/ractive-dynamodb-json-editor';



Ractivejs component for editing dynamodb style json object.
Has no dependencies other than Ractive framework





Note: this component is a self-registering CommonJS module, and in the browser requires a module system such as Webpack or Browserify.

npm install @awspilot/ractive-dynamodb-json-editor


var Ractive = require('ractive');
var jsoneditor = require('@awspilot/ractive-dynamodb-json-editor');
Ractive.components.jsoneditor = jsoneditor;


import Ractive from 'ractive';
import jsoneditor from '@awspilot/ractive-dynamodb-json-editor';
Ractive.components.jsoneditor = jsoneditor;

In Ractive template:

        style="float:left;height: 300px;margin: 20px"
        menu-style="background-color: #d5ddf6;border-bottom: 1px solid #97b0f8;"

Data Types

  • String data type
  • Number data type
  • Boolean data type
  • Null data type
  • Binary data type
  • StringSet data type
  • NumberSet data type
  • BinarySet data type
  • List data type
  • Map data type

Value Editing

  • String
  • Multiline String (textarea)
  • Number
  • Boolean
  • Null ( Yu no edit! )
  • Binary (as Base64 encoded string )
  • Binary ( as upload )
  • StringSet, NumberSet, BinarySet (edit individual values)
  • List ( individual List values can be edited )
  • Map ( individual Map values can be edited )

Misc Editing

  • Edit Attribute Names
  • Sort List
  • Sort Stringset / NumberSet / BinarySet ( Yu no can! )
  • Delete from Item
  • Delete from StringSet
  • Delete from NumberSet
  • Delete from BinarySet
  • Delete from List
  • Delete from Map
  • Append into Item
  • Append into List
  • Append into Map
  • Append into StringSet
  • Append into NumberSet
  • Append into BinarySet

Value Validation