ractivejs component to manage lambda functions

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<script type="module">
  import awspilotRactiveLambdaUi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@awspilot/ractive-lambda-ui';



client side UI to manage AWS Lambda functions

Embeds a basic IDE that extracts lambda function contents into memory and uploads it on save.


There is no demo atm as it would expose AWS Key/Secret,




  • view function

    • function list
    • environment variables
    • function configuration
    • tags
    • statistics
    • code editor
      • directory tree
      • file contents
  • update function

    • environment variables
    • description/memory/timeout
    • VPC
    • tags
    • code editor
      • create folder
      • create files
      • update files
      • save, repack, upload function code
  • logs

    • list log streams
    • empty logs ( delete page by page )
    • auto-refresh log streams
    • show number of executions inside each log stream
    • date filter for log streams
    • older/newer log streams navigation
    • view log stream events
    • toggle between raw/parsed log stream events
    • parse log stream events, group into executions by request id
    • older/newer log stream events navigation
    • delete log streams
    • import logs to local database ( local storage / in-memory )
    • delete logs older than ...
    • auto-refresh stream events based on last event time
  • execute function

    • manage test events
    • execute function