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The axe family of tools help you check for digital accessibility. They are built on the open-source axe-core accessibility engine for automated Web UI testing. To make it easy to get started, it is available as:

  • Free browser extensions
  • Open-source CLI
  • APIs for JavaScript, Java, and Ruby

Free browser extensions

Perform interactive testing extensions to the Developer tools built into the browser:


Use the command line interface to easily add accessibility checks into your build/integration scripts.

  • Install the npm package and begin to use it immediately
  • Or, clone the GitHub repo and modify it to your heart's content :-)


All built on the foundation of axe-core, these APIs make integration with your testing framework easier:


These axe tools are brought to you by your friends at Deque more than 100 contributors from around the world. We are all committed to making the web accessible to all.

Need help?

At Deque, our mission is Digital Equality. If you need help integrating accessibility testing into your development process, get in touch, and we will be happy to help you make your products accessible to all.

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