A CLI for accessibility testing using axe-core

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This repository contains 7 packages, which can be used for automated accessibility testing powered by axe core.

The packages are listed below:


Fetch dependencies and link packages together:

npm install
npm run bootstrap

Run the linter:

npm run lint

Run the code formatter:

npm run fmt

Please refer to respective README for installation, usage, and configuration notes.


We believe that automated testing has an important role to play in achieving digital equality and that in order to do that, it must achieve mainstream adoption by professional web developers. That means that the tests must inspire trust, must be fast, must work everywhere and must be available everywhere.


  1. Automated accessibility testing rules must have a zero false positive rate
  2. Automated accessibility testing rules must be lightweight and fast
  3. Automated accessibility testing rules must work in all modern browsers
  4. Automated accessibility testing rules must, themselves, be tested automatically