Isomorphic client Runtime for Typescript/node.js/browser javascript client libraries generated using AutoRest

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  import azureMsRestJs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@azure/ms-rest-js';



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Runtime for isomorphic javascript libraries (that work in the browser and node.js environment) generated via Autorest.


  • Node.js version > 6.x
  • npm install -g typescript


  • After cloning the repo, execute npm install



  • Set the subscriptionId and token as instructed in samples/node-samples.ts
  • Run npx ts-node samples/node-sample.js

In the browser

  • Run npm run build
  • Set the subscriptionId and token then
  • Open index.html file in the browser. It should show the response from GET request on the storage account. From Chrome type Ctrl + Shift + I and you can see the logs in console.

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