BadgeUp Ionic achievement UI components

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<script type="module">
  import badgeupBadgeupIonicClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@badgeup/badgeup-ionic-client';


BadgeUp Ionic Client

Official Ionic client for working with BadgeUp. This client supports Ionic 3 running Angular 6. Angular 5 is not supported.

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npm install @badgeup/badgeup-ionic-client --save


If you plan to use this client with old browsers, you will likely need to polyfill:

API Keys

You will need to configure an API key with the following scopes:

achievement:read, award:read, criterion:read, earnedachievement:read, earnedaward:read, event:create, progress:read


Generate an API key for your application from BadgeUp dashboard with the permissions listed above, and configure @badgeup\badgeup-ionic-client by adding the BadgeUp Ionic module to the imports in app.module.ts.

import {BadgeUpModule} from '@badgeup/badgeup-ionic-client';


  imports: [
    BadgeUpModule.forRoot({apiKey: 'YOUR API KEY HERE'}),


Once the module has been registered, inject the service in the root component and configure the subject provider. Here is an example of the root component that demonstrates how to configure the subject provider, emit events, and subscribe to new achievements:

import { Component, OnDestroy, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
import { Platform } from 'ionic-angular';
import { StatusBar } from '@ionic-native/status-bar';
import { SplashScreen } from '@ionic-native/splash-screen';

import {BadgeUpClient, BadgeUpEvent, BadgeUpEarnedAchievement, BadgeUpNotificationType} from '@badgeup/badgeup-ionic-client';

import { HomePage } from '../pages/home/home';
  templateUrl: 'app.html'
export class MyApp implements OnDestroy {
  rootPage:any = HomePage;
  badgeUpClient: BadgeUpClient;

  constructor(platform: Platform, statusBar: StatusBar, splashScreen: SplashScreen, badgeUpClient: BadgeUpClient) {
    platform.ready().then(() => {

    badgeUpClient.setSubject('mark'); // in production this would be some sort of ID or UUID

      key: "user:action"

  ngOnDestroy() {

  badgeUpNotificationCallback(notificationType: BadgeUpNotificationType, data: any) {
    if(notificationType === BadgeUpNotificationType.NewAchievementEarned) {
      let ea = <BadgeUpEarnedAchievement>data;
      alert("You earned a new achievement! " + ea.achievement.name);

:warning: Don't forget to unsubscribe in ngOnDestroy() as not doing that will cause a memory leak.

About this Repo

This repository contains a minimal demo application and the module that is published to npm.

The module codebase can be found in src/shared/modules/badgeup-client.



The overview component contains three main components - most recent achievement, next up, and up to three upcoming achievements. Depending on the section, 'view details' may be clicked on and will expand with criteria and award details.

Example: Overview Page as a Page


  <div col-12 class="all-earned">
    <button ion-button (click)="goToAllEarnedComponent()">See All Earned</button>

alt text

All Earned

Displays unredeemed, earned awards and earned achievements by date.

Example: Opening Earned Component as a Modal

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { ModalController } from 'ionic-angular';

import { AllEarnedComponent } from '@badgeup/badgeup-ionic-client';

  selector: 'page-earned',
  templateUrl: 'earned.html'
export class EarnedPage {
  constructor(private modalCtrl: ModalController) { }

  public open() {
    const modalPage = this.modalCtrl.create(AllEarnedComponent);

alt text

Earned Achievement Popup

This component is provided as part of the module but is not intended to be directly invoked by developers. The module will usually handle invoking this popup directly.

alt text



If you want to send events to BadgeUp when a user clicks a button, add a badgeup-click-event directive that has an event key as value. For example, if you want to track list refreshes as event key "list:refresh", you would use the following code:

<button badgeUpClickEvent="list:refresh">Refresh the list</button>

You can also provide your own event modifier. The following code would decrement the value by one when you click 'Refresh the list'.

<button badgeUpClickEvent="list:refresh"
        badgeUpClickEventModifierValue="1">Refresh the list</button>

Accessing the Underlying JS Client

You may want to interact with more of the APIs than the Ionic client currently exposes as a high-level interface. You can access the underlying JS client from the client:

const client = this.badgeUpClient.badgeUpJSClient;
const achievements = await client.achievements.getAll();