Official Node.js client for BadgeUp, a user engagement and gamification service.

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  import badgeupBadgeupNodeClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@badgeup/badgeup-node-client';


BadgeUp Node.js Client

Official Node.js client for working with BadgeUp, a user engagement and gamification service.

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npm install @badgeup/badgeup-node-client --save


The BadgeUp Node.js client is initialized with an options object.

const { BadgeUp } = require('@badgeup/badgeup-node-client');
// or for TypeScript, import { BadgeUp } from '@badgeup/badgeup-node-client';

const badgeup = new BadgeUp({
    apiKey: // the API Key created for use with this application

// get a complete list of achievements
const achievements = await badgeup.achievements.getAll();


Run npm run dev to have TypeScript watch for changes and automatically compile during development. Running npm test will automatically trigger a compilation.


If you find an problem with this module, please file an issue. This module targets compatibility with all LTS versions of Node.js. These versions can be found in .travis.yml.