WhatWG web streams and conversion utilities for node.js

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WhatWG web streams and conversion utilities for node.js

This is a fork of gwicke's node-web-streams module, which exposes webstream read errors as node error events. This is meant to provide a proper npm release until the respective upstream PR gets merged.

This provides the WhatWG streams API for node. It leverages the WhatWG reference implementation, but also addresses performance issues in that implementation.


npm install node-web-streams


// ES5 require syntax
var webStreams = require('node-web-streams');
var ReadableStream = webStreams.ReadableStream;
var toWebReadableStream = webStreams.toWebReadableStream;
var toNodeReadable = webStreams.toNodeReadable;

// ES6 import syntax
import { ReadableStream, toWebReadableStream, toNodeReadable } from "node-web-streams";

// Convert a node Readable to a web ReadableStream & back
const nodeReadable = require('fs').createReadStream('/tmp/test.txt');
const webReadable = toWebReadableStream(nodeReadable);
const roundTrippedNodeReadable = toNodeReadable(webReadable);