No Big Deal modular MVC and tools library

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No Big Deal, Just Saying

nbd.js is not Yet Another MVC Framework in that it does not seek to be the end-all of client-side MVC/MVVM/MVP/MVW/etc needs. You can use it as a standalone MVC framework, or in conjunction with any other frameworks. Use as much or as little of nbd.js as you like, because it is designed to provide modular functionality.

The best way to use nbd.js is through an AMD module loader like RequireJS. Each file is a one-to-one mapping to a module.

Getting it

Using npm

npm install --save @behance/nbd


If your project doesn't make use of a module loader, no big deal. Packaged versions of the library live under dist/ directory

Using it


All documentation are under the docs/ subdirectory as markdown files



nbd.js is authored with minimal assumptions of the environment it runs under. However, it does expect an ES5 conformant engine, in ES5 Strict Mode. Compatibility with older runtimes is expected to be provided by a polyfill like es5-shim.