A simple JavaScript class to generate images Lightbox

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<script type="module">
  import betawebLightbox from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@betaweb/lightbox';



A simple JavaScript class to generate images Lightbox

Getting started

Just load CSS and JS files :

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/to/lightbox.css">
<script src="/path/to/lightbox.js" defer></script>

Then, create a new instance of Lightbox class :

new window.Lightbox()

And add the class .lighbox-link to an HTML element as follow :

<!-- In an image element -->
<img src="/path/to/image" class="lightbox--link" data-legend="Inspiration #1" alt="My image">

<!-- Or in a random HTML element -->
    data-legend="Inspiration #1"
>See my image in a lighbox !</buttom>


You can pass a configuration object to the instance, as follow :

new window.Lightbox({
    selector: '.lightbox--link',
    lightbox_class: 'lightbox',
    lightbox_inner_class: 'lightbox--inner',
    lightbox_legend_class: 'lightbox--legend',
    lightbox_visible_class: 'visible',
    image_loading_class: 'is-loading',
    prevent_scroll: true,
    prevent_scroll_class: 'prevent-scroll',
    prevent_scroll_element: document.body,
    inner_offset: 30, // gap between screen edge and the image (the ratio is dynamically calculated by the library)
    nav: true, // display nvigation arrows
    nav_prev_class: 'lightbox--prev',
    nav_next_class: 'lightbox--next',
    dots: true, // display nvigation dots
    nav_dots_class: 'lightbox--nav-dots',
    created: (groups: LightboxGroup) => {}, // Lightbox created event
    onShow: (item: LightboxItem) => {}, // Lightbox show event
    onHide: (item: LightboxItem) => {}, // Lightbox hide event
    onNav: (item: LightboxItem, direction: number) => {}, // Lightbox nav event (direction : -1 prev, 1 next)
    onAdd: (item: LightboxItem) => {}, // Lightbox add image event
    onRemove: (item: LightboxItem) => {}// Lightbox remove image event