Vue DOM helpers for testing big

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Vue DOM helpers for testing big

What is this?

This package aims to provide a set of helpers to make it easier to component and acceptance test your Vue applications. Currently a WIP and only has a component mount helper.

The mount helper will resolve after mounting a component in a freshly inserted DOM node. Subsequent uses will clean up any previously mounted component. The mount helper is a thin wrapper around @vue/test-utils. BigTest handles inserting into the DOM and cleaning up the DOM between test runs.

import { mount } from '@bigtest/vue';
import Button from './components/Button.vue';

describe('My Button', () => {
  beforeEach(async () => {
    await mount(Button, {
      props: {
        // Pass mounting options
        // https://vue-test-utils.vuejs.org/api/options.html

  it('renders', () => {