This a a HAPI plugin meant to decorate Hapi objects (server, request, handler, toolkit ...) with exports from a module

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  import bikerVandevelde from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@biker/vandevelde';


van de velde

Node.js package

Helper plugin to decorate Hapi objects with module's exports. Since version 0.2 the hapi server is injected in plugin's options, it helps to re-use server decoration inside your module


Named after "Henry Van de Velde" a famous belgian interior decorator


Register vandevelde plugin in an Hapi server and pass options object to configure the way to decorate HAPI.

    plugin: require('vandevelde'),
    options: {
        module: './modules/myModule.js',
        name: 'm1',
        decorator: [

Vandevelde decorates the mentioned object with an object containing module's exports.



  • module - path to the module hosting the methods for decoration, should be relative to working directory.
  • name - the decoration name- options
  • options - option object to pass to the module's exported function.รง
  • decorator - List of Hapi objects to decorate (see HAPI documentation for more information).