Bunyan stream for Windows Event Logs

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  import blueworldBunyanWindowsEventlog from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@blueworld/bunyan-windows-eventlog';


Windows Event Log stream for Bunyan

A simple Windows Event Log stream for Bunyan.


npm install @blueworld/bunyan-windows-eventlog

Basic Usage

var bunyan = require("bunyan");
var EventLog = require("@blueworld/bunyan-windows-eventlog");

var _systemLogger = {
    src: false,
    name: "systemLogger",
    serializers: bunyan.stdSerializers,
    streams: [
            level: "info",
            stream: new EventLog()

var logger = bunyan.createLogger(_systemLogger);

        id: 999
    "bunyan-eventlog test successful"


All of the usual event log message rules apply. For example, the event ID must be between 1 - 1000.