A lightweight module for dragging elements using CSS transforms

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  import bufferappDragme from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@bufferapp/dragme';



NPM Version

A super lightweight module for dragging elements using CSS3 Transforms. The goal of this module is to be a minimal way to make certain elements draggable on a page, i.e. modal windows.

Dragme makes use of some modern JS APIs – make sure to polyfill it depending on the browser support wanted:

  • Element.classList
  • Object.assign()
  • Element.closest()


npm install @bufferapp/dragme


const dragMe = new DragMe(document.querySelector('#draggable-component'));

Prevent dragging on certain elements:

const dragMe = new DragMe(document.querySelector('#draggable-component'), {
  cancel: 'textarea, .button',

Cleanup bindings to disable a DragMe instance:


Listen to when dragging starts and stops using callbacks:

const dragMe = new DragMe(document.querySelector('#draggable-component'), {
  onDragStart: () => console.log('Started dragging'),
  onDragEnd: () => console.log('Stopped dragging'),


  • Use requestAnimationFrame for smoother movement


Bug fixes or improvements welcome!


This builds upon jwilsson's non-jQuery fork of Buffer's jQuery DragMe.