Buffetjs react-hooks

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import buffetjsHooks from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@buffetjs/hooks';


Buffet.js Hooks

Getting Started


Using yarn

yarn add @buffetjs/hooks
# Install the required dependencies
yarn add react

or npm

npm install @buffetjs/hooks --save
# Install the required dependencies
npm install react --save

Available commands

  • build
    Builds the library for production
  • build:analyze
    Analyse the generated build
  • build:watch
    Whatch the files with webpack
  • build:watch:esm
    Whatch the files with babel
  • create:index
    Create the build/index.js file
  • test
    Runs the entire set of test: lint, style and jest
  • test:jest
    Runs the unit tests
  • test:jest:watch
    Runs the unit tests in watch mode
  • test:lint
    Runs the lint tests
  • test:lint:quiet
    Runs the lint tests without displaying the warnings
  • test:style
    Runs the stylelint tests
  • test:style:quiet
    Runs the stylelint tests without displaying the warnings
  • lint:fix
    Fixes the lint