Slug all our things into slugs

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bustle slugify

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This is how you slug our things.

[1:04 PM]  zeejab the truth is within you reconbot
[1:04 PM]  reconbot so users is id first, articles and posts is id last
[1:05 PM]  steve articles is also id first
[1:06 PM]  zeejab everything new is id last, what steve said

This module just uses the slugify module from npm and adds some minor bustle-specific adjustments.


Everything new should be id last, use the function for your named item. This module will be updated as we transition all routes.

slug(string) -> slug

Slug any string

assert.equal(slug('a generic string'), 'a-generic-string')

slugUser(user:{id!, name}) -> slug

assert.equal(slugUser({ id: 1, name: 'Penny Dog' }), 'penny-dog-1')
assert.equal(slugUser({ id: 2 }), '2')

slugPost(post:{id!, title}) -> slug

assert.equal(slugPost({ id: 1, title: 'My Great Post!' }), 'my-great-post-1')
assert.equal(slugPost({ id: 1, title: 'This and That!' }), 'this-that-1')
assert.equal(slugPost({ id: 2 }), '2')

slugArticle(article {id!, title})} -> slug

The only data type where the slug is id first.

assert.equal(slugArticle({ id: 1, title: 'My Great Post!' }), '1-my-great-post')
assert.equal(slugArticle({ id: 1, title: 'This and That!' }), '1-this-that')
assert.equal(slugArticle({ id: 2 }), '2')