an implementation of the jump consistent hash for node

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  import ceejbotJumphash from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ceejbot/jumphash';



Really remarkably trivial node bindings for Google's jump consistent hash.

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Tested on nodes 4, 6, and 7. Is probably just fine on node 0.10 too.

npm install --save @ceejbot/jumphash


This module provides one function: jumphash(key, bucketCount). key must be a non-negative integer or a buffer. bucketCount must be a positive integer (0 is an invalid bucket count).

The return value is a integer in the range [0, bucketCount) that you can use as you wish. The paper linked above describes the intended data storage use.

var jumphash = require('@ceejbot/jumphash')
    assert = require('assert'),
    crypto = require('crypto');

var location = jumphash(23102, 16);
assert(location >= 0);
assert(location < 16);

var buffer = crypto
var location2 = jumphash(buffer, 16);

Only the first 64 bits of the buffer are considered, with the most significant bit first.