Javascript Framework for simplifying Microsoft Azure Functions and supporting resources.

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  import celastrinaCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@celastrina/core';



Celastrina is a JavaScript framework for simplifying server-less compute in Microsoft Azure Functions. Celastrina attempts to simplify the configuration and connectivity of common PaaS services in the Azure Platform with a special emphasis on security.

Celastrina is flexible enough to support small open-source efforts and can easily scale up to large enterprise deployments. Celastrina is committed to maintaining compatibility with JavaScript libraries released by Microsoft and will continue to adapt and grow with the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

@celastrina/core is the core support library for all celastrina add-ons. You can find available add-ons here:

Coming Soon

The project team is currently working on add-ons for:

  • CAPTCH with default Google RECAPTCHA support.
  • Cloud Events, both HTTP and or async triggers from EventGrid or Storage Queue.
  • Async Messages from Service Bus or Storage Queue.
  • Semaphore and Data Binding.

Documentation and More

Please visit our Github Wiki for more documentation and examples.