CLI Tool for transacting with the Celo protocol

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Tool for interacting with the Celo Protocol.


We are currently deploying the CLI with only Node.js v12.x support.

To install globally, run:

npm install -g @celo/celocli

If you have trouble installing globally (i.e. with the -g flag), try installing to a local directory instead with npm install @celo/celocli and run with npx celocli.


Additional plugins can be installed which make the CLI experience smoother. Currently, celocli only supports installing plugins published on NPM within the @celo/* and @clabs/* scopes.

⚠️ Warning

Installing a 3rd party plugin can be dangerous! Please always be sure that you trust the plugin provider.



Use yarn build:sdk <NETWORK> to build the sdk for the target environment (CLI dependency).

Use yarn build to compile the CLI.

Generate docs

Use yarn docs to populate packages/docs with generated documentation. Generated files should be checked in, and CI will fail if CLI modifications cause changes in the docs which were not checked in.

Known build issues on Linux

I'm getting the follow error: Cannot find module '@celo/contractkit'.

A possible solution is to build the monorepo manually. Go to the celo-monorepo root directory and

> yarn build

If all works well, navigate to packages/cli.

I've got the cli built successfully but the running the cli yields: Error: Returned values aren't valid, did it run Out of Gas?.

When running the cli against a full node, this can mean that the contract artifacts are out of date. Solution: switch to the alfajores branch and build the celo-monorepo.

Go to the celo-monorepo root directory and

> git checkout alfajores
> yarn
> yarn build
> cd packages/cli
> ./bin/run account:balance $CELO_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS