Front-end for the CentCom SS13 Management System

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  import centcomUi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@centcom/ui';



The SS13 Management Service

Demo Site - Github Organization - Service Homepage (coming soon!)


The React front-end for CentCom, written with Node.js


Note: This module lists npm-run-all as a dev dependency, and uses it for commands such as run-s test and run-s build start, which are substitutes for npm run test and npm run build && npm run start respectively. You can learn more at the npm-run-all npm page.

  • run-s build - Build the code and public assets into the /dist folder
  • run-s start - Run the live version of the website for development
  • run-s test - Run the mocha tests


Issues and PRs are welcomed on all codebases - feel free to contact me personally with any questions!