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Single source of truth used to build user interfaces for Centrifuge

Develop branch


Master branch


How to use

// canary releases from develop branch
npm install @centrifuge/axis-[packageName]@canary // Ex: npm install @centrifuge/axis-theme@canary

// releases from master
npm install @centrifuge/axis-[packageName] // Ex: npm install @centrifuge/axis-theme


Use node v12.16.3: nvm use (the version is specified in .nvmrc)

Install and link all dependencies: npm install

Build and watch all packages: npm run build-watch

In a separate terminal, run storybook to view all examples: npm start


If you want to develop tinlake-ui, then you can use linking to depend on the local version of an axis component rather than the one in the npm package library. There are a few steps for this:

  1. In packages/[some_component], run npm link to link [some_component] to your global node_modules.
  2. In the root of axis, run npm link [tinlake_ui_path]/node_modules/react, where [tinlake_ui_path] is the path to your local tinlake-ui repo. This tells the axis components to use the react dependency from the tinlake-ui package, rather than the one from the axis node_modules folder. This prevents errors with React Hooks due to there being multiple instances of react.
  3. In your tinlake-ui repo, run npm link @centrifuge/axis-[some_component].