Centrifuge Tinlake Contracts Client

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  import centrifugeTinlakeJs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@centrifuge/tinlake-js';


Tinlake JavaScript Client


Documentation can be found in ./docs/ or at https://centrifuge.github.io/tinlake.js/.


Install dependencies with yarn install.

Running tests

Pre Installed

Run a local Ethereum Node

dapp testnet --accounts=2

Additional Flags

--save=name after finishing, save snapshot --load=name start from a previously saved snapshot

Update dependencies/submodules


Deploy Tinlake Contracts for Tests


Run integration tests

yarn test

Alternatively, run a docker-based local network with all tinlake contracts deployed

1. Build the docker image

docker build -t centrifugeio/tinlake-in-a-box:latest .

2. To get the contract addresses from the container, run

docker run -it --rm centrifugeio/tinlake-in-a-box:latest cat /app/test/addresses.json > ./test/addresses.json

3. Run a docker container

docker run --rm -p 8545:8545 centrifugeio/tinlake-in-a-box:latest

Use the docker container to interact with the chain

docker run -it --rm centrifugeio/tinlake-in-a-box:latest seth help

Building for production

Create a bundle in the ./dist folder with npm run build.

Creating documentation

We use TypeDoc for documentation. Run npm run generate-docs to recreate the ./docs/ folder. Checkout TSDoc for formatting guidelines.