DID Resolver for the 3ID method

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  import ceramicnetwork3idDidResolver from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ceramicnetwork/3id-did-resolver';


3ID DID Resolver

3ID is a DID method that uses the Ceramic network to resolve DID documents.

Getting started


$ npm install @ceramicnetwork/3id-did-resolver


import ThreeIdResolver from '@ceramicnetwork/3id-did-resolver'
import { Resolver } from 'did-resolver'

// You need an instance of Ceramic to call getResolver.
// This can be either @ceramicnetwork/core or @ceramicnetwork/http-client.
// You can also set an address for your own ethr-did-registry contract
const ceramic = // ...

// getResolver will return an object with a key/value pair of { '3': resolver }
// where resolver is a function used by the generic did resolver.
const threeIdResolver = ThreeIdResolver.getResolver(ceramic)
const didResolver = Resolver(threeIdResolver)

const doc = await didResolver.resolve('did:ethr:0xf3beac30c498d9e26865f34fcaa57dbb935b0d74')


Run tests:

$ npm test

Run linter:

npm run lint


We are happy to accept small and large contributions. Make sure to check out the Ceramic specifications for details of how the protocol works.