Typescript implementation of the Ceramic CLI

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  import ceramicnetworkCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ceramicnetwork/cli';


Ceramic CLI

A command line interface that allows you to interact with the Ceramic protocol.

Getting started


To install the ceramic cli globally you can run:

$ npm install -g @ceramicnetwork/cli


To get an overview of the available commands run:

$ ceramic -h

To start an instance of the Ceramic daemon, make sure you have ipfs running locally and execute:

$ ceramic daemon


Not yet implemented commands

ceramic user did

Show the DID of the user.

ceramic user sign <payload>

Ask the user to sign a given payload.

ceramic user encrypt <payload>

Ask the user to encrypt a given payload.

ceramic user decrypt <JWE | CWE>

Ask the user to decrypt a given JWE or CWE.


We are happy to accept small and large contributions. Make sure to check out the Ceramic specifications for details of how the protocol works.