Typescript implementation of the Ceramic protocol

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  import ceramicnetworkCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ceramicnetwork/core';


Ceramic Core

This package contains the implementation of the core Ceramic protocol. It's exposed using a simple JavaScript API.

Getting started


$ npm install @ceramicnetwork/core


import Ceramic from '@ceramicnetwork/core'
import TileDocument from '@ceramicnetwork/stream-tile'

import IPFS from 'ipfs-core'
import dagJose from 'dag-jose'
import { convert } from 'blockcodec-to-ipld-format'

const format = convert(dagJose)

const ipfs = Ipfs.create({
    ipld: { formats: [format] },

const config: CeramicConfig = {}
const ceramic = await Ceramic.create(ipfs, config)

// create document example
const tileDocument = await TileDocument.create(ceramic, { test: 123 })

Ceramic API

Complete Ceramic core API is available on Ceramic API.


Run tests:

$ npm test

Run linter:

npm run lint


We are happy to accept small and large contributions. Make sure to check out the Ceramic specifications for details of how the protocol works.